Here are some sights taken at Wing on a perfect (weather wise) day. The results are typical of what I have been getting for several different Mk IX sextants.

Observation was made from a theodolite tripod and time taken from a Radio linked digital alarm clock. This had been synchronised with a time standard radio station, MSF, I think, though it might be DCF the German station.

The sheet showing my angles and the time as I recorded them.


I then plotted a graph in the same book. This enabled me to find the Culmination or highest angle that the sun rose to, against the time for that event. You will note it differs from Noon GMT by an amount extracted from the Equation of Time data!


In the above, the scribbled "data for Nav" means data fed into Navigator program. Below that is the output from Navigator program and the difference from the GPS position. This was extracted from plots made on an Ordnance Survey map.



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