First site constructed over a weekend in May 1999.

Changed first page and added a further page 21-2-2000.

Added Peugeot Photographs 06/06/2001

Removed Sat Data and Peugeot shots 27/12/02

Added Other Stuff pages 27/12/02

Added Heater page 29/12/02

Added Telex covers 29/12/02

Added bottle screws 31/12/02

Removed Club Site 25/12/2006

Removed other stuff, Mystery radio,Telex covers and bottle screws  29/4/2009

Cleaned up index, re linked Tom to jpg. Made it 5th attempt. Added Mk IX material. 29/4/2009

Added electrical diagrams, other sextants 30/04/2009

Expanded information on sextants. 1/05/09

Complete new index page, reports of "dodgy" site with unrecognised type set. 3/05/09

Added lamp polarities expanded text.9/5/09

Added Stiff bearing article 10/5/09

Added IX, A and BM 13/5/09

Added case contents 18/05/09

Started Post Office site 29/4/2013 Added info on IX AM and modified some of the text to bring it up to date with latest knowledge. added Why Bubble, Repairs and Calibrate, What I get up to sections.

1/5/2013 Added Historical and tidied up some of the text. Removed some Word files from Text folder.

2/5/2013 Added Astro Compass pages and inserted email link.

9/5/2013 Added calibration pages.

20/5/2013 Expanded Astro compass section and started to use Dreamweaver.

23/5/2013 Altered Types to reflect latest knowledge.

9/6/2013 Tidied up some text.

16/6/2013 Added sight sketches

17/6/2013 Added Ring remover

26/8/2013 Opened the Hostpapa location for the site, Post Office Hosting ceased.

10/9/2013 Finally got the ftp working. Now to do some updating.

14/9/2013 Added the eBay items page.

26/9/2013 Got the site working again added to eBay items.

27/9/2013 Added Kollsman information. Started to re organise site layout. Check links!!

29/9/2013 Cleaned off sold items from ebay page. Tidied up some of the links.

2/10/2013 Started to re organise Other Sextants.

5/10/2013 Added Merganthaler and several others.








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