Other Sextants

At one stage I had hoped to collect together most of the bubble sextants used by the various forces in the second world war. However, that is looking less likely now that I lost two of them to the authorities. I will, in the mean time try to put any info I have on the sextants I don't own up on the site so that anyone with interest can see the full compliment in one place. Previously I had been using links to the various museum sites that featured these items but it is a never ending game keeping up with broken links. To get round that problem I will try to keep everything local to this site.

I am still organising this page so please bear with me.


Hughes Marine Bubble Sextant Info


Hughes Mk VIII Bubble Sextant. Info


Luftwaffe Bubble Octant Info

Kriegsmarine Octant, Plath Gyro type. Info


Russian Copy of the Plath Bubble Sextant, made in the East on captured German equipment, parts being perfectly interchangeable. Info


Japanese WWII Bubble sextant. Info


Sextant A-7 Info


Bausch and Lomb (A-6, A-8) Info


Bendix AN5851-1(A-14) Info


Fairchild (A-10)


Link (A-12) Info


Ball Recording Mk 1 (Merganthaler Linotype). Info


RAF Mk 1 Periscopic Sextant. Info


RAF Mk 2A Periscopic Sextant. Info


American Kollsman Periscopic Sextant. Info




Be aware that some of the information given in a few of the Museum write ups could be wrong, errors are mostly of a minor nature and usually concerning dates or minor details which only someone familier with them would appreciate.




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