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This is me as I was in 1998, I am told that I look nothing like it now and am tempted to say get an "air cut"



I had got myself into a lather about the total eclipse and set myself up to take some shots before the world ended.



Here is the result



I see that the site was started in 1999. I have since retired and have less time available but have become interested in sextants, Aircraft types in particular. It took me some time to get information together on these instruments and decided I would try to assist others of a like mind with some of the information I have gleaned over the intervening years. Unfortunately I lost a lot of my original data when I simultaniously changed ISP and then suffered a serious computer crash. I now have more web space available so I hope to expand it with as much of my latest data as I can cram in. I hope you will find something of interest within and if you have anything you would like to add or correct please feel free to email me at:-









Astro Compass Mk II



Why Bubble Sextants anyway?



Here is some info on the Mk IX series of Bubble Sextants.



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and here, some information on the other Sextants



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